Mapumba found his musical voice in the notes between folk and modern urban music genres.
Growing up with little main stream entertainment, Mapumba and his siblings enjoyed their mother's folk stories and melodies. Taking this music and re-interpreting it with modern styles, spawned a dynamic and melancholic sound that now describes Mapumba's beautiful and eclectic musical style.

His latest studio albums tap into his heritage of legend music. The album "Ndaya's" is especially folk and it features voice recordings of Mapumba's mother. Other albums such as "Roots", "C'est Toi" and "Pour tous" showcase his varying, while unified, collection of songs and musical productions.

Being aware his music has in one hand, a big potential and on the other, a narrow public, Mapumba makes use of his fluency in English, French, Swahili and Chiluba, to reach a wider and new public. Spreading overseas, over generations and over ages, while keeping the faithfulls.